Benefits of NASB

NASB is much more than the annual Conference. The benchmark provides participating companies unparalleled opportunities to understand their relative performance and learn potential ways to improve their service business. Participants learn innovative and actionable methods for addressing complex service problems through shared best practices. Through industry networking, facilitated webinars, ad-hoc benchmark studies, and industry trends research, member organizations receive incomparable access to knowledge to grow and improve their business.

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Beyond the Conference

NASB Data Book

The Data Book is the foundation of NASB and contains over 100 pages of performance comparisons across the industry, making it easy to identify where your company excels and where improvements are needed most

Custom Studies

Custom studies are one-off, targeted benchmark studies focusing on a specific area of interest for a member organization; participating OEMs receive the report at no additional cost

Client Access Portal

The Client Access Portal (CAP) provides easy access to Conference materials, Focus Day reports, and Custom Studies from the past 10+ years of NASB

Insights Dashboard

The Carlisle Insights Dashboard is an interactive version of the NASB Data Book, providing users with easy access to data and the flexibility to create custom charts

Focus Days

Focus Days are full-day, deep-dive sessions on a single topic, providing an opportunity for subject matter experts to drill down to a level of detail that is not possible in a larger group setting


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