As the leader in aftersales strategy and insights, Carlisle & Co leverages our unparalleled knowledge and vast experience when we partner with our clients to solve their most complex problems, drive growth, and create value.

Global OEMs in the automotive, agriculture, construction, heavy truck, and power equipment sectors have been coming to us for over 25 years because of the value we deliver as specialists.

Our clients depend on our in-depth research and benchmarking, our insightful advice, and our customized training and business process support to optimize performance in dynamic times.

What We Offer

Carlisle & Co’s offerings primarily fall into three categories. For more information, please visit our portfolio webpages.


OEM Benchmarks

​​For over 20 years our syndicated benchmarking has measured our clients’ performance on hundreds of standardized metrics, identifying best-in-class leaders and highlighting opportunities for improvement

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Dealer & Consumer Surveys

​​Surveys establish a feedback loop to assess the effectiveness of deployed initiatives and pinpoint areas that require additional support by capturing the voice of employees at every interaction point in the customer value chain

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Consulting Services

With thoughtful leadership, a focus on innovation, and deep subject matter expertise, we develop transformative business strategies to navigate our clients through ever-changing marketplaces

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