Opening Remarks & Service Outlook Presentation
Date & Time
Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Session Type
General Session
General Session

Ducker Carlisle’s Service Outlook presentation focuses on addressing current and future challenges that OEM aftersales organizations encounter. This year we will cover three emerging topics:

Aftermarket Update: The aftermarket has continued to grow, and it’s been a while since we did a full update. This session will update the audience on who the biggest aftermarket players are, who their customers are, what they are offering and where they are excelling.

Share of Wallet: We have always measured customer retention by counting anyone who makes one or more dealer visits within a 12 month period as retained. However, that doesn’t show the whole story. Customers may visit multiple service providers throughout the 12 months, and they are still counted as “100% retained” even if we're only getting a fraction of their money for service. For years, we have been chasing the holy grail of retention measurements – share of wallet. Share of wallet is the measurement of the exact dollar amount a customer spends at each service provider. This section will focus on our analysis of share of wallet, and give OEMs the tools to do their own analysis.

Customer Lifecycle Behavior: For years, the automotive industry has operated under the assumption that customers who leave the dealership will return once they get a new vehicle – but is that really the case? This section will focus on understanding the reasons why customers with aging vehicles leave the dealership, and analyze if certain factors are likely to inhibit their return to the dealership upon the purchase of a new vehicle.

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